Arjun: Without A Doubt

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Novel title: Arjun: Without A Doubt
Genre: History/ Mythology/ Epic (Mahabharata)
Released: 1 Feb 2015


 Synopsis:   Mahabharata- India’s most complex epic. Arjun- Mahabharata’s most misunderstood Hero.

The peerless archer; the seductive monk; the epitome of masculinity; the danseur eunuch; the warrior extraordinaire; the compassionate thinker

God Krishn’s best friend – who was ridiculed for not being ruthless; Heaven’s heir – who endured exile after exile;

The love of his life – his wife Draupadi –  who was also bride to his four brothers.

Come, join the exhilarating journey into Arjun’s inner demons, dark desires and forbidden passions.

Journey of the novel:

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255 thoughts on “Arjun: Without A Doubt”

  1. Hey… That was really interesting information about Goddess Draupadi… Please visit my blog for some more information that may interest you… One of the shrines is in Kondal, Mayiladuthurai, Tamil Nadu

    Draupadi Amman Thunai

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  2. the book is too awsssom. i was thinking how was life of him n her bcoz she was shared by 5. but ur book has explaind evry question of mine… i feel upliftd coz ..der s somone in dis wrld whose ideas ar similar to mine… n evry time i used to read about phalguni n krishnaa..shaheer n pooja sharma cum n frnt of meee. I sujjest all mahabharatians to read the book Arjun -without a book . similar attempt on yudisthir n draupadi ll b gladly welcomed. HATS OFF to your work

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    • Hi Ananya. A big hug for the appreciation. You made my day. Yes, I’m indeed glad my thoughts found echoes within your thoughts.
      Shaheer & Pooja weren’t my inspiration, since my book began much earlier than the serial. But if they brought alive the book & its scenes for you, they are most welcome to stay on.

      Thank you again. I would be delighted if you pen a short review on Amazon or Flipkart. It would give a boost to the book.🙂


  3. Hello! Been away and been traveling. I am yet to read this beautiful book. Just looked at the excerpt and it’s gripping. How’re things at your end? Another book in the pipeline? Great to be in touch with you again. Take care.


    • Hi, nice to hear from you. Travelling as passion or profession?
      The book’s doing well – not a blockbuster, but its reaching the right audience. Currently I do have 2-3 books churning within me, but am yet to pen them down (or pin them down).

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  4. seems interesting read. Thank you for sharing.

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  5. A wonderful take on a mythical hero.

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