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1. The orange light. Press accelerator or press brake? The blinking orange is that alluring last-chance warning to escape the red. How many of us slow down on an orange light? Unless… see point 2…

2. Do you modify your decision according to presence of traffic personnel? I do. What seems right on an unpatrolled road suddenly seems forbidden otherwise. And forbidden fruit is so tempting!

3. Blood Alcohol test on the victim? Is it ever done? I know nobody in a sane mind would sacrifice life /limb  to end up as a road-accident -victim. But then, neither would any sane mind want to be an accident-maker. Think of suspended license, penalty , loss of face,  a lifetime of survivor guilt…

4. Why does the mobile-addicted cool dude sauntering across the road think his life is my duty?

5. Why does every group of women need to join hands and create a human chain , simply to cross a road?

6. Why is spitting on the road easier than just swallowing it,  for certain people?