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A la Alfred Hitchcock who peeped into a frame every film, there are authors who couldn’t resist giving us a peek-a-boo flash of themselves in their books.

1. Ayn Rand: in Atlas Shrugged.

as Galt takes Dagny around his world, they encounter ‘A young woman stretched out . At the sound of their car,she leaped to her feet in a single swift moment. She had dark, disheveled hair and large,piercing eyes. ayn

‘She is a writer. The kind who believes that when one deals with words,one deals with the mind.’ says Galt.


While on that, the closest physical resemblance to Ayn. Helen Mirren. helen mirren

2. Agatha Christie: I wonder if Ariadne Oliver, Hercule Poirot’s crime-fiction writer friend, bubbling with multiple possible motives to every crime,ardent apple-lover, fervent believer in ‘Now if a woman were Head of Scotland Yard…’. Or is it gentle, grandmotherly Jane Marple?a christie

Zoe, who plays her on Poirot series, does bear a striking resemblance. Closer home, yesteryear actress Shammi would be a dead doppelganger.Shammi2 Zoe

3. Arundhati Roy: In ‘The God of Small things’, she appears as ‘Rahel. Her wild hair, the dark tumble, was tied back to look straight though it wasnt. A tiny diamond gleamed in one nostril . She had absurdly beautiful collarbones. There goes a jazz tune, thought her future husband.a roy

The closest actress who could play Arundhati, kitu G

Kitu Gidwani. The classiest , finest bone structure I saw.


Kangana. Wild hair, obviously. Kangana Ranaut

Ques: Can you think of more examples of author Selfies?