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Lata  latawas best friends with Lila  leela3 and Rama with Anil. anil1 They drank a bottle of cola and lo…popped out  Ganga shivaganga 

  Lata brought along Rebeca rebecca whereas Rama chose Chandal.  Rama forgot that Cita  ram-sita was a Red. red lips

No, I have not gone crazy. (And no offense intended to the above named, please) The former are Spanish words that sound like Indian names . The following are their English translations.

Lata = Tin  Lila = purple Rama = branch   Anil = blue Cola = queue

Ganga = bargain Chandal = tracksuit  Cita (Sita, poetic license) = appointment  Rebeca = cardigan  red = web

More kidnapped words by Spanish from Indian language:

naranja= (narangi) = orange

tu= tu (mazhi ahes) = you

pagar= pagar ( kadhi honar?) = to pay salary

culo= culya (var laath milel) = buttocks

santo = sant (Tukaram etc) = sage/saintsage


Know of any more such linguistic twists? Do drop by with your comments and contributions.