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Every day was a battle. Born (well, born bald, technically speaking) with frizz and tangles, I lusted after
the sheen of a silky cascade. I yearned for the low maintenance, and the tactile pleasure of sliding my (own) fingers through my (own) hair.. curly to straight hair

P told me hair straightening would last for at least 6 months. Oh, why not forever? I wondered wistfully as I drooled over my brand new reflection.

Euphoria is ephemeral. Utopia is forever out of reach. I soon realized that:

1. No barrette /clip had the power to hold onto my straight hair. The end result- It rapidly narrowed down my fashion pyramid. It left me with the only viable option of either  a. Footloose and fancy free (but at work???) or b. Tie it in a ponytail.

2. Option 1b, unfortunately made the pont tail pony tail look like a ‘rat tail rat tail. (At least in my case).

3. My mane got so ruthlessly flattened by an ‘iron’ will-power, that it lost all its verve (and curve), spirit or bounce.

Very soon,  I was yearning for my original free-spirited, wild, unmanageable tresses. Thankfully, I had to bear it out for  ‘only’ six months! {I finally understood Einstein’s theory of Relativity of Time}

When we yearn for what we don’t have; we invariably do not value what we do have.

Keratin is a protein that forms hair, skin and nail. What is Nature trying to tell us through these 3 Keratin agents?

Hair – Adaptability is a breeding ground for regrowth and rebirth. The very flexibility of its nature permitted me through 3 steps of  ‘I have – I want – I want my own back, thank you very much.’ If not, I would be forever disgruntled at my innate waves.

Nails – They can ‘grow’ as much as desired and lead a ‘colorful’ life, but only so long as the nourishment (from ) and attachment (to) the roots.

{On a lighter note, I learnt, courtesy of the voting ink, that my nail can grow 45 mm in 35 days. See my voting mark climbing its way into oblivion.}


Skin – We molt over every 27 to 30 days. Literally grow into a fresh skin every month! Unless, of course, we permit wounds to transform into scars…b’cos they sure don’t molt out.

The more we wish for change, the more we yearn for permanence. The question is; do we really want any change in our life to be permanent?