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Which response gives you a better inner glow? ‘LIKE’ or ‘COMMENT’?

An amazing idea strikes you out of nowhere. You ponder over it for 3 days. Brainstorm over its pros and cons.

Then you pen it down – OK,OK, you keypad it down.

You edit and re-edit.

Is it too argumentative? Too in-the-face? Too shocking?

Too lame? Too mediocre? Too blaaah?

Will my family cringe over it? Will my friends giggle over it? Will I be able to defend the main theme?

You do spellcheck, delete and re-word. You add the apt image after a thorough Google search.

Then you hit the ‘Publish’ icon.

Then you wait. And wait. And wait. And wait for your fellow bloggers response.

LIKES vs COMMENTS – which one gives you more satisfaction?

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Is ‘Like’ button a lazy way of saying, ’I follow your blog, but frankly, my dear, I don’t have enough time/ energy/ interest to comment over it

Does your heart soar by seeing a response of ‘Like’ or ‘Comment’?

What if there was a ‘DISLIKE’ button as well in the blog world? Would you add it to your blog? dislike