Ctrl+ Alt+ Del : Don’t you wish this could be applied to Life? Restart, reboot, reopen, refresh.

Format: your thoughts and dreams. Know what is worth ‘zooming in’ and what should be ‘zoomed out’. What should be in bold font and what should be in ‘small case.’


Edit : Wish this could be applicable to spoken words. That slip of tongue, the insult, the insinuation, the accusation, the expletive – all of which will can haunt you later on and sear you with the wistful “If only…”.

Wish spoken words could be curbed, modified, softened, sweetened before they burst out.


There is a reason why taste buds are placed anatomically. Sweet at the tip, salty just behind it for caution, while bitter is stationed way at the back.

Save: Wish this could be applied to memories, moments, relations, people, friends, parents.

What else do you wish to apply from a keyboard to your life?