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The ONLY philosophical discussion EVER held on a battlefield! Bhagwad Gita

A friendship so genuine, a bond so strong, a level of thinking so high & so deep, that even a single moment of friction between their ideology gifted us eternal wisdom.

It is fitting that both armies on the entire battlefield zoomed out and went into ‘statue’ mode during this dialogue. They were never the point and focus.

2 December 2014. The eve of  the annual Bhagwad Gita Jayanti.

In India, it is held at KurukshetraGita-Jayanti-Kurukshetra It includes

1] En-masse recitation of all 700 verses of the Gita chanted throughout the day.

2] Devotees fast on this day since it is an Ekadashi day.

3] Stage play and Gita chanting competitions are held for kids to encourage their interest in reading Gita.

4] Scholars give talks and hold forums of this holy scripture.

5] Leaflets, pamphlets and books containing the essence of Gita are distributed to the public. It is especially auspicious to distribute free copies of the Gita on this holy day.

Now , Gita Jayanti festival is also held in Malaysia, Singapore,  Bali (Indonesia), Cambodia, Auckland (New Zealand), Perth, Melbourne, Canberra, Chennai and its popularity has been growing.

Don’t confine the Bhagwad Gita as Hindu text (click on link to read on Krishn- the Rorschach test). It is universal wisdom and lifelong philosophy for everybody.

Is it relevant today? – More than ever!

From an Arjun reluctant to kill his elders,  even for the sake of justice … in Kaliyuga we see young men killing their elders at the drop of a hat – for money to visit dance bars, to shower on prostitutes, to buy that ‘macho’ bike, to splurge on ‘that desirable quotient’ iphone.

Stress, dilemma, options, choices, sin, war, bloodshed and evil still exist today. Amplified like the Vishwaroop form. Devouring us with relish and glee.

The answers are right there – only … nobody has time to even ask the right questions nowadays.

Seen below- The Banyan tree witness to the dialogue; and Statue at entrance of Kurukshetra city.

Exact site under Banyan tree Entrance-to-The-City-of-Kurukshetra

Join the celebrations. Enrich yourselves in its rich wisdom.