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What kind of a friend was Krishn?

Pandavas and Draupadi, rulers of a prosperous Indraprastha. Now duped out of their comfort, wealth and luxury. Pushed into penury, forests, hardships.

Krishn- their eternal friend and well wisher. Confidante, mentor and ally.

Did he offer them the comforts of his palace while they were in exile? No.

Did he provide them with wealth and luxury in their 13 years of severe penance? No.

Did he enjoy rich food & Soma even as his dearest friends survived on fruits and lake water? Yes.

Did he loll on plush cushions as his dearest friends slept on bare floors? Yes.


Krishn’s LOVE & CONCERN was never demeaning, never insulting, never condescending, never showy.

If he had offered Pandavas and Draupadi his wealth and luxury, it would have contaminated their equation.

It would have DEGRADED friendship into extortion, love into pity, assistance into alms and friends into beggars.

It would have saved them from struggle – and left them unable to face themselves. Given them comfort – and taken away their quest for justice.

Very possibly, Krishn choked on every morsel he ate, tossed and turned sleeplessly even in his plush bed and suffered emotionally every bit as his friends suffered.

and YET- neither he offered a single gold coin to Pandavas; NOR did Pandavas & Draupadi expect monetary help from him. In all 13 years.

All they expected was his benediction, his moral support and his wisdom. All he would offer them were the tools necessary to reclaim their self-respect.

This mutual respect and understanding makes their relation so unique and so pure.