Be honest – didn’t the title evoke an image of a female filmstar (once in  a while, they deserve to be called ‘Actress’!) smoking a joint or quaffing a drink or pouting a risqué pose? bold

Did anyone at all picturize a glorious achiever?

Hero’ is a word we easily associate with victors and achievers. Sportsmen, political leaders, social reformists, business whiz kids, whistleblowers – all cluster comfortably within it.

Rebellious, innovative, unique, glorious.

But, why does the word ‘Heroine’ not echo with the same glow?

Since when did ‘media-created narcissistic starlets’ with an unerring instinct for ‘controversy’ and ‘juicy sound bytes’ — kidnap the word ‘Heroine’ from the real achievers?

Ditto with the adjective ‘Bold.’

Bold used to mean courageous, gallant, risk taker, fearless, daring.

Ayn Rand’s ideas, Kalpana Chawla’s career choice, Irom Sharmila’s startling hunger strike, Durga Shakti Nagpal’s gutsy attack on sand mafia are bold. Or were bold once upon  a time.

Now, ‘bold’ is inevitably a starlet either

a. portraying a prostitute

b. threatening to thrust her bust or bum in your face

c. drinking & smoking with gay abandon.

d. all of the above.

Since when did that become ‘courageous and fearless?’ imagesQG7LL0LU

P.S: Speaking of ‘gay’, that is another hijacked word. {Poor Ayn Rand – she used the ‘gay’ word umpteen times to denote carefree, vivacious and feisty laughter. She would definitely throw a tantrum in her grave.}

Isn’t it time ‘Heroine’ and ‘bold’ were reclaimed by worthy candidates?

Who is your idea of a ‘Bold Heroine’?

Like ‘gay’, do you know other words whose intended, real meanings have gone missing?