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On the eve of Christmas, here is an interesting COINCIDENTAL EVENT.

As story goes, KAMSA heard a prophesy that his death lay at the hands of Devaki’s 8th child. Whereupon Kansa killed all of Devaki’s newborns. However, Picture10when he learnt that 8th child was safe & sound in Vrindavan, he ordered a massacre of all babies in VRINDAVAN.

One of his first emissaries was ogress Putana. She took on a beautiful form and breastfed poison instead of milk. However, her murderous spree came to a halt when baby KRISHN suckled the life out of her.

Now cut across from Vrindavan to BETHLEHEM.

Jesus CHRIST was born to Virgin Mary. The Magi (wise old men) knew he lay helpless and vulnerable in a barn.

King HEROD had heard of various prophesies about divine Christ. He considered baby Christ as a personal threat. Consequently, he ordered the deaths of all children less than 2 years of age.

This terrible scene is depicted in many paintings titled ‘The Massacre of the Innocents.’

Mothers: While Virgin Mary is associated with Christ, Putana is classified amongst ‘Matrikas’. It is said that even her brief venomous breast feeding act elevated her to the level of Krishn’s foster mother!

Krishn proves that even the vilest have scope for improvement and can achieve Moksha on contact with him.