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Powerbloggers stay clear. This is strictly for newbies.

I discovered Reader a year into blogging on WordPress.

  • What is Reader?

Its that icon up there sandwitched between ‘blog name’ and ‘follow’ on your blog site.

Its the window that permits you to peer into your peers – I mean, fellow bloggers.

It lists

a] Latest posts by the Blogs you follow get updated here. You can either glimpse a preview or read entire post, depending on walls erected by that WordPress Blogger.

P.S- You can hit ‘like’ or ‘comment’ directly via Reader. Be warned – this indirect route however, does not add up to hits or views on Blogger’s blog. So you are that invisible visitor whose voice filters into comment box without leaving a footmark, since WordPress only counts views as those who actually click on web url.

b] Freshly Pressed – Those chosen blogs who get ‘limelight’ed by WordPress. Since it never happened to me, I wont elaborate (sulkily) on it’s benefits.

c] Tags – Millions of blogs floating all over and you wish to find that niche, eclectic crowd with pooled interests. How?

Scroll to ‘Tags’ and type in the magic word. For example – Mahabharata, Photography, Haiku, Quotes, Book reviews,  etc.

You will automatically get zoomed down to blogs that have posted in & around these tag words. From here, you can further select blogs you wish to follow/ comment/ like.

d] Notifications – Now move your eyes along to right hand corner of Reader. See that symbol / icon shaped like a ‘Bell’? Correct, you have seen it before on Twitter too.


That functions just like ‘Recent Activity’ on Facebook.

It duly notes down 1} Those lovely people who decided to ‘follow’ you.

2} Even lovelier people who posted ‘comment’ on your precious post. 3} Most importantly (to me), it gives feedback on feedback to your feedback.

I mean, suppose you posted a ‘comment’ on fellow blogger and forgot all about it. Now that blogger will (hopefully) reply to your comment and in turn, hope that you continue a chain of conversation.

Notifications notifies you of Blogger’s replies to your comments made on fellow Blogger’s blog. So it basically permits you to be in touch with your recent and past verbal volleys.

Enough information for today. Enjoy!!!