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Abhimanyu heard words, he absorbed them, he remembered them forever.

Abhimanyu heard them in-utero, within Subhadra’s womb.

Was Vyas bluffing in his narration of Mahabharata? How can a formative mass of cells retain memory?

VYAS was NOT bluffing – Vyas was (as many other Indian thinkers) just miles and miles ahead of his times.

Research has now discovered, acknowledged and put into practice the knowledge that VYAS already possessed 5000 years ago in Mahabharata.


Son of Arjun and nephew of Krishn. This illustrious warrior lived a mere 16 years on Earth, but remains an icon of courage.

As per Mahabharata, he listened to Krishn (in some version, Arjun’s) description of Chakravyuh – a military formation as narrated to his mother Subhadra. However, as Subhadra dozed off halfway, he could only hear the secret to enter Chakravyuh, but not way out of it. abhimanyu

On day 13 of Kurukshetra war, Abhimanyu muscled his way into the dreaded Chakravyuh, but was entrapped within. He fought relentlessly, using every weapon he possessed – even using his chariot wheel to launch an attack. Ultimately, he faced a tragic end, being pulverised to death as he lay unconscious with fatigue.

Womb as Mother-child nexus

The womb is a protective shell, the placenta allows a mixture of mother and baby blood. The direct vibrations from diaphragm (it vibrates when mother speaks) amplify sound and relay it to fetus. Thus, words spoken by parents are heard by baby.

Garbh sanskaar or ‘womb training’ relates to this phenomenon, whereby the mother’s emotions, desires, knowledge and behavioral traits get relayed across to baby and affect the baby’s overall development. garbh sanskaar

What are positive benefits to baby?

1] LANGUAGE: Newborns can actually tell the difference between their mother’s NATIVE tongue and FOREIGN languages.

“The brains do not wait for birth to start absorbing information,” says study author Patricia K. Kuhl, PhD, University of Washington in Seattle. Her findings appear in the journal Acta Paediatrica.

2] Positive effects on fetal BRAIN DEVELOPMENT.

3] Reduces STRESS levels during pregnancy (Yes, even babies can have stress!)

4] Improves baby’s sleeping habits

5] Provides a wonderful BONDING opportunity in utero.

6] Music appreciation increases.

Indian doctors now recommend recitation of Bhagwad Gita, Gayatri Mantra and Classical music to all pregnant mothers.

All Indians should be mighty proud of Vyas’s amazing foresight. vyas

Does your gynecologist/ pediatrician encourage conversations between a pregnant woman and her baby?

Do you believe Mythology is a Reality –  a History?