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Q. 1] Are you member of any group?

Q. 2] Do you practice groupism? 

How many of you nodded for 1 and negated for 2?

Group and Groupism

‘Group’ carries positive vibes.

A slice of humanity held together by free will and voluntary minds. A hobby, a favorite filmstar, a sport, a belief, a profession can unite us.

It is a survival tactic. We are social animals. We love to cluster, co-operate and collaborate in herds aka groups.

‘Groupism’ , on the other hand, carries negative connotations. It is a method to isolate and alienate.   Social ostracism

Us vs Them.

What happens when we are kicked out? Snubbed? Ostracized by society?

Rahul Yelange & wife Poornima.

Climbed Mount Everest in year 2012. Ostracized in year 2015.

Pride of Raigad in 2012. Outcast by Raigad in 2015.

Rahul Yelange Rahul Yelange with wife Poornima

Their sins? – Being educated and educating the youth. Reviving trekking expeditions. Starting a dairy farm. Wearing jeans and NOT wearing mangalsutra (the Indian symbol for a married woman).

Read Mohini Kelkar – she sinned by being the sole witness against the village Head’s crimes.  Read the Suryanelli case – she sinned by being repeatedly raped and yet having the guts to stay alive; and to finger the rich & famous.

Implicit or explicit – social outcasts are a ground reality with Khaap Panchayats aka Gavakis suddenly sprouting up everywhere and gaining muscle.

Emotional and physical effects of social ostracism:

Imagine being denied access to grocery, schools, markets, temples, markets, offices, buses. Nobody speaks to you, nobody steps forward to help you, nobody acknowledges your existence.

Effects? – Deep humiliation, rock bottom self-esteem,  frustration, impotent anger, fear, loneliness, depression, hypertension, heart attacks.

It can erupt either as suicidal tendency or as violent homicidal outburst. isolated

Yes, it is inhuman, primitive and anti-social.  Yes, it should be abolished and trounced. Yes, it should be criminalized.

However, my question is :

Given the deep psychological  and physical impact of social ostracism, can it become a useful weapon for & by society?

Make no mistake – it is a loaded missile and a ticking bomb. Only, who ought to be the real target? 

Have you ever faced it – in offices, in families, in school, in parties?

Part II for more…