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‘It is a daunting task to take a three dimensional world, cram it onto a two dimensional surface, and reverse it in the hope that someone will see the message: see oneself as others do.’ – Author, Ernesto San Giacomo

19 pages. Chills, thrills, alter egoes and mirrors that reflect inwards as much as outward.


Branson, the skeptical cop is sent on a mysterious ‘dual identity’ case. In the process, he transforms into and discovers Renner – in more ways than one.

As all good short stories, this too ends on a tantalizing edge laced with questions.

That ‘Aha!’ moment when Renner addresses Timmerman as Timmy – it almost hoodwinks the reader. The very next ‘mirror’ scene turns the whole story on its head.

Did they or didn’t they? Who spirited into whom? Who lies beneath the freshly dug graves? When lovely Hannah took time to ‘change’ before getting into Branson’s car – what exactly did she convey?

I wish Renner’s mirror reflection spelled out the color of his eyes – was it dull brown or shark black? The answer would have eased me plenty.

There are plenty of subtle hints – the kind that make you flip back and re-read the story and re-think the obvious.

This short story is part of ‘Ragged Souls’ collection: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00J6NGWVS and Goodreads

Genre: Horror/ Supernatural/ Thriller

Edition: Kindle version

Ernesto can be also found on his personal blog: http://ernsangia.wordpre