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I decided to reserve one slot per month on rejuvenating previous posts.
The flashback often surprises yourself as a writer. ‘Did I really pen it? Did I actually manage to seize an idea within words?”
So, in an era of increasing tug-of-war between intolerance and freedom of expression, here goes …

Impractical Dreamer

Penguin: ‘’Get me the Khajuraho orgy capture. Pronto.”

Wendy: Sir, this is not porn. My book covers the grave interpretation and inter-relation between History and Religi…”

Penguin: ‘’Lady, you will be the grave of me. You stick to writing. Leave the sales pitch to me. I need eyeballs for your 800 pages of dry research. Now where is that orgy?”

Wendy: ‘I warn you, this will backfire. In the age of wendy

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