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Arjun: Without a Doubt has started its ‘Trial by fire.’  Reader’s responses have begun appearing!

Here is the link : https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/24466957-Arjun

1. Saral: The author’s look at Arjun holds deep intimacy, at Krishna holds a searching question mark and at Draupadi holds worship. The man behind the warrior is discovered with fresh eyes as one falls in love with him.

This is THE definitive voice of Arjuna, as he transforms from trusting innocence to assured confidence in his roller coaster life. How Draupadi inspires Arjun into turning Savyasachi via eklavya’s story, how she guesses Arjun’s feelings on battlefield by seeing his arrows is totally a new way of looking at this couple’s strong bond.

The book asks tough, uncomfortable questions and it gives believable answers. It makes you rethink popular myths with logic, explosive dialogues and research. More…

2. Viju:  : The author manages to give a voice to Arjun, something that I haven’t seen in other works. The author’s love for Draupadi’s character, which is very well evident in the post-script notes she makes at the end of the book, manages to show Draupadi as mostly never shown before. What helped was the fact that she got her own voice, much like in Palace of Illusions, except that her voice in this was stronger and louder.

Sweety’s narrative is very effective with the usage of two narrators and there’s seldom any redundancy in terms of the narration between the two characters. This makes it a fast-paced read which is well within 300 pages. In terms of writing, Sweety definitely has her language prowess among her strengths. More …

3. Swathi Shenoy: The book is written in first person – some in Arjun’s voice and the other in Draupadi’s. All these times, when reading this epic, I was a bystander – watching the story unfold from a corner. But reading the story in first person perspective changes it all. You feel the character’s emotions and it keeps you involved in the book.

The language is immaculate. I liked the dual point of view offered on the events. The spark between Arjun and Draupadi is clearly depicted and it was fun to read about it. Arjun – Draupadi fans are in for a treat! I also liked that the author hasn’t glorified Yudhishtir much. Despite his greatness, it was wrong to wager so much. More …

4. Ruchi: https://www.goodreads.com/review/show/1210999148?book_show_action=false&page=1

5. Sneha Ramesh: Thank u for voicing the cry of all Arjun fans. The divine bond between Parth-Madhav and Govind-Panchali gave Goosebumps to my soul. Mahabarat is not just a book of wars but also a book of true love and relationships-I realized this through your book! More …

6. Shekhar Ruparelia Simply put, I loved it. On more than one occasion, I found myself pausing to think “Hey, this is a fresh way of looking at these events.”
We get a glimpse of the hardships Arjun had to undertake to achieve what he did. We realise that it wasn’t always a walk in the park for him.

His shocking  and direct dialogue with Kunti when she mourns Karna’s death shows how much he has changed from when we met him at the beginning: indeed, Arjun is without any doubts now.

But it is for Draupadi’s voice for which you should read this book. From the moment when Kunti says that More …

7. A.P Rajshekhar: Dr. Shinde beautifully depicts the sweat and blood Arjuna had shed to become the peerless archer that he was. Majority of authors forget this aspect of Arjuna. In the epic, Arjuna had only one rival – he himself. There is a long conversation between the three Krishnas that makes it clear that Arjuna neither considered Karna as a rival nor was intimidated by him ever.

The unique relationship between Arjuna and Draupadi. In the epic, most of their conversation happens through eyes, smiles and sarcastic banter. In this book, these translate to explicit conversation. And that makes understanding their relationship much easier. More…

8. Arunita Sur: Dr. Shinde beautifully portrayed three protagonists having three distinct humor as they speak – mischievous(Krishn),Fiery(Draupadi) & Witty but calm(Arjun).Her writing has an easygoing flow.

I expected the book to be Arjun’s POV but not in first person. If he/she is honest about her achievements,the reader will think him/her to be a braggart.If they are potrayed as humble enough types then reader won’t have a proper view. BUT…Sweety Shinde showed Arjun’s glory though Panchali’s eyes and vice versa. Smart move!. More…

9. Shalini Mohanty: The book gets you to think deeper in a wholly different way with how she extracts bits and pieces from the lesser known versions of the stories.

My favourite scenes are when Krishna imparts his wisdom to the duo, and when Draupadi and Arjun finally unite after 8 years. It really makes you feel their sorrows, joy, anger, frustration and that was exactly what I expect of every rendition of Mahabharata when I pick it up. Dr Sweety Shinde doesn’t fail in her promises to make this classic retelling of the epic saga of Draupadi and Arjun an amazing one. More…

10. Meghant ParmarThe book gives wings to Arjuna, Draupadi’s plight and how Krishna played a pivotal role in the shaping up of the future. There are some intricately woven confrontations, some strong points put across, a voice to the voiceless and above it all methodical dissertation of what happened and why it happened. The language is top notch and there are no doubts in scripting and scratching the tale.
The mix of introvert and aggressive characters packs a punch. More…

11. Gnanendra Reddy: Arjuna, the legendary character is brought to life in a vivid and endearing way. This indeed is a very well researched pieces is a delightful read with many insightful n thought provoking quotes about passion, power, triumphs and religion like…” Heaven is a Mirage, all we have is this life and this earth”. & ” Truth is a kaleidoscope, it alters with perspective ”Religion is nothing but a series of conveniently placed loopholes” “Goodness is an asset – but if you allow it to be exploited, it is a liability”. More…

12. Rajdipsingh Zala: Dr.Shinde’s aspect “This book is my homage to Arjun’s greatness” is completely fulfilled by this book.
Specific chapters which I found more interesting are; –

The Fish & Two Baits(Marvelous narration of Draupadi’s swayamvar with ornaments of words) -The Defeated Victors(Draupadi’s Agony & Arjun’s Chagrin) -A Friend Regained(Draupadi & Krishn’s mysterious prediction on Yudhisthira’s behavior) -Savyasachi & His Fragrant Flame(Draupadi’s pivotal role in Arjuna’s ambidexterity, using Eklavya’s story as a turning point) -Hastinapur Disrobed(Arjuna’s bravery,idealism,humanity & his reluctance) -The Finality of Doom(Finality of doom in karn’s eyes) -An Exquisite Torture(Arjun’s unexpected & tough questions directed to Mata Kunti.

They highlight his transition to calm,assured confidence & make the reader Rethink many existing beliefs) -Whys and Why Notes:Exploring Myths(Myths of Karna, Shikhandi, Sanjay, Shalya & Role of Krishna in lives of Bhima & Arjun are based on in-depth research and apt references.)… The 1st person narration makes the reader live every emotion, angst, pain,joy & passion in lives of Arjun-Draupadi. More

13. Subramanyam: This book bursts a lot of myths and indeed celebrates the triumphs of one of the greatest heroes of Mahabharatha. Arjuna is a person one would want to emulate, he worked hard to gain all the power on the earth, in his times he was the most powerful and greatest archer of the world, a man who had the greatest astras such as Brahmasironamakaaastra, Paashupataastra and the Brahmaastra. We never see him misusing any of these celestial weapons, he rarely speaks about his strengths and was the man who displayed tremendous restraint most of the times. The author brings out these characteristics of Arjuna in a wonderful manner. More

14. Madhav: The language is immaculate. This book has everything that a reader needs humor, tender moments ,memorable quotes. Definitely recommeded for Arjun lovers fans. More …

15. Nimi: highlights the strength and emotions of Arjun and Draupadi.
Despite their peculiar circumstances, and their unusual obstacles, their emotions are so normal and relatable that one aches for the pain they are going through.
Dr. Shinde’s Arjun and Draupadi are special people, who face the odds with such elan that one may mistake it for lack of any distress. It is not.

For me, ‘Arjun – Without a Doubt’ did not just make me rethink my perspective on Mahabharata, it moved me as only a very well-written emotional story can.
It is a thought-provoking, interesting read that I highly recommend. More: …

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