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Dear Blogger Long time no see. Hope this finds you in the pinkest of health.

I know 2 competitors are rarely friends, but I’m your ardent follower. I’m amazed at the creative population who populates your kingdom.  It is this rich variety of wordsmiths who drag me to your door time and again.

P.S: On getting feedback, let me clarify. This post is a loving complaint by WordPress users (xxx.wordpress.com) to Blogger users (yyy.BlogSpot.com), with regards to the tedious and lengthy procedure required to post a comment on BlogSpot.com type of blogs.

With all due respect to your multi-talented citizens, please allow me to state …

1. I am NOT a Robot. robot Isn’t there a simpler method to prove my flesh n blood existence? I mean, how do you know a robot cannot type the 3 numbers you flash at me for ‘Verification’?

2. I’m not a virus. Why do you live in such an impregnable virtual fortress? fortress Let me recount the cordons I have to breach to reach you.

First I have to produce my identity card – wordpress, openID etc. Fair enough. Then I’ve to checkmark the non robotic space. Next I’ve to type 3 numbers. Then click Verify. Then I wait patiently while you go into endless loops. By the time you decide that I’m not a trespasser, I twiddle my thumbs. Just when I think you have opened the gates for me, there’s the next hound growling and prodding me to click ‘Publish.’ Silly me, I thought I was already shooed in.

So you may well wonder, why do I still linger around you?

The credit goes to your talented netizens. Their words resonate within me, spark ideas within me, ignite my imagination and fetch a sunshine smile on my lips.

I love exchanging comments with them, the back and forth volley of words. They are worth battling my way into your territory.

Please ease the process. Feel free to point out if my kingdom’s gatekeepers too give you headaches and heartaches. I’m open to change and criticism.

FYI, bridges exist to connect people. Don’t convert it into a draw-bridge and a trench that isolates our citizens. bridge

Yours sincerely, WordPress.