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  • In Bhagwad Gita, Krishn says, ‘Amongst army commanders, I am Skanda.Chp 10, verse 24.

Who is Skanda, the war-God? He is aka Murugan and Kartikeya.

He was Shiva’s son and Ganesh’s bro.

He was Indra’s commander-in-chief. Also, he was Indra’s son-in-law!

Thus, Kartikeya was Arjun’s brother-in-law! While Indra and Shiva were in-laws!

  • STORY: Indra’s daughter was named Indrasena.  Hence, Kartikeya is also called Indrasenapati, which has 2 connotations.

1] Husband of Indrasena   2] Commander-in-chief of Indra’s sena (army).

  • As expected, there are VARIATIONS to the story.

As per Skanda Puran, Devasena (Indrasena) = daughter of Vishnu. Now that means Krishn (Vishnu) and Kartikeya, both being Arjun’s brothers-in-law are also father-in-law & son-in-law to each other! Phew!

  • KARTIKEYA’S BIRTH: Shiva’s vital fluids (in alternate stories , Shiva’s 3rd eye sparks) were carried by Agni. He united them with 6 Kritikas, hence the name Kartikeya to the resultant son. Thus, Agni is also partially called as ‘Father of Kartikeya’.

Myth has it that Kartikeya marched off to this place after a tiff with his parents. To console him, Shiva & Parvati followed him here. Hence the temple is called Mallikarjun { Mallika= Parvati, while ARJUNA= ANOTHER NAME OF SHIVA!}