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My recent bout of conjunctivitis enforced me into captivity. I mean, with all visual media cut out, my vision (Ah!) turned inward.

Personally, I tend to view the world through rose tinted glasses. colors1 Now I was mandatorily restricted to a dark vision through blood red eyes.

It set me thinking into various tinted vision related sayings and colloquiums.

1} Blue eyed boy/ girl : Somebody’s favorite/ pet person.


2} Green eyed monster : Jealousy, as coined by Shakespeare in Merchant of Venice, and repeated in Othello.

3} Jaundiced (yellow) vision : to view with despondency, cynicism or prejudice.


4} White vision:  To have an epiphany. Also , its the name of the messenger pigeon used in World War II, which saved the lives of 11 soldiers.


Other meaning is to ‘feel dizzy’ which may precede unconsciousness. So basically, a white vision may lead to a blackout’ !

5} Silver lining to a dark cloud: Optimistic hint in a pessimistic scenario. Coined by John Milton in Comus: A Mask Presented at Ludlow Castle.

Was I deceived, or did a sable cloud
Turn forth her silver lining on the night?

Image result for dark cloud with silver lining

6} Brown eyes – Well, couldn’t find any, except for a song by Destiny’s Child. So how about my friend blogger Shalzz aka ‘Girl with brown eyes’ aka  https://taleoftwotomatoes.wordpress.com/


7} Black eye : It usually refers to the black-blue bruise around boxed eyes.

Could also be the name of a  pea  colors8 or to its namesake, the hip-hop pop music group.


8] Colors in the Spectrum: A novel by my friend Jayant Swamy, available on Amazon.com.  colors9

Its protagonist can visualize a color aura around people depending on their innate nature and their immediate mood. Click here for my book review.

Those were all I could muster up.

Can you think of more instances where colors light up our language?