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He counted exactly 27 tablets, calculated the exact dose, estimated the exact minutes needed for the drug to swim into his bloodstream.

“I am the doer. I own my Life. I will design my death.”, he growled.

Death rolled its eyes in mirth and playfully tilted the trapdoor – the Epiglottis

Watched in glee as the 1st tablet intended for the foodpipe … slid down the windpipe.

“No, I decide.” Death asserted. death

Epiglottis: the membranous flap separating the esophagus (foodpipe) from trachea (windpipe). It is designed to close the windpipe entrance while swallowing. When it malfunctions, you can choke, you can aspirate food (or tablets) and/or die.

Quite an anatomical trapdoor, isn’t it?