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“Free yourself from attachment to material objects of pleasure. It is the key to Nirvana, to peace, to realization,” the orator’s voice boomed.


My mind was divorced from my ears. It stealthily flew to my brand new pair of shoes. Why did I just have to wear them today?

‘’Don’t fret. They are safe,” my fingers reassured me. They curled firmly around the token given by shoes-stand employee.

I sighed with relief and once again became all ears.

“Faith. Trust. Detachment.” droned on the orator.


P.S- 1] Why are worship places the commonest ground to lose shoes?

2] Raise your hand if you’ve stationed someone beside your shoes while you entered the holy arena.

3] Cynical and flippant I may well be today, but isn’t there a grain of truth hidden here?

4] No, I have yet to lose my pair of shoes. Have you ever been a bakra aka victim of this heinous crime against mankind’s wide eyed trust?


5] Which Sherlock Holmes tale had ‘one stolen shoe’ as an important clue to the ensuing crime?