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Did you know that Krishna was one of the earliest advocate of Yoga? On the eve of 21st June, International Yoga Day, lets see his views on Yoga.

  • Shri bhagavån uvåca – imaµ vivasvate YOGAM proktavån aham avyayam vivasvån manave pråha manur ikßvåkave’bravît

[I instructed this Science of Yoga to Vivaswan, who taught Manu, who taught it to Ikshvaku]- [Bhagavad Gita, CHAP 4, VERSE 1] Krishn’s yoga, is however, NOT limited to asanas or pranayama. It goes beyond physical flexibility or breathing techniques.

  • YOGA comes from word YUJYA = to join or to connect.

Foremost, Krishn systematically analyzes the body and soul through Sankhya. He makes a clearcut distinction. The ephemeral body versus the eternal Soul. spirit-energy-body The body is bound to disintegrate and destruct. The Soul within the body is indestructible. It will eventually adopt a new body for its journey in quest of peace. Hence, Krishn defines Yoga as union of this eternal Soul (Atma) to God Krishna (Parmatma).

  • He advocates 4 TYPES of Yoga  to achieve this purpose –

1] Karma-Yoga: via actions. 2] Gyana-Yoga : via knowledge 3] Dhyana-Yoga: via meditation 4] Bhakti-Yoga: via devotion. Karmayoga deals with actions and work. Actions performed as duty and as sacrificial offering to Krishn. He does NOT advocate absence of action. He merely advises detachment from the fruits of these actions.  hands Gyanayoga deals with knowledge and study of scriptures. Krishna realizes the hunger of a mind teeming & bursting with questions. He encourages queries and doubts – provided they are made with a humble mind, with a true desire to learn and to unearth wisdom.  educate Dhyanayoga deals with mind and meditation. It relates to mind discipline, gaining intense concentration and self-control of 5 senses against various temptations.  meditation Bhaktiyoga: deals with devotion. It means giving topmost priority to Krishna and making him the centre point of your current life. It does not mean abandoning family life or professional responsibility. Krishna does not limit his methods of Yoga by geography, religion, gender or age. His yoga aims at attaining eternal peace. It aims at merging one’s soul into Krishna’s energy. krishna_arjuna_conchshells So, are you ready to be Krishna’s Yogi?