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I got an opportunity to grace Chris Graham’s platform for authors. Here it is…

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog


Perfect quote – It aptly sums up the motive to pen my novel.

Sweety Shinde 01
Why write at all?
You cannot inhale and not exhale.
You cannot eat and
not poop.
You cannot read and
not write. (Did I just equate writing with pooping?) Yin & Yang. Reading is a passive, pleasant passion. Writing is challenging, invigorating, and pathologically addictive!

Profession vs Passion: I’m a Pathologist by profession. I dissect dead bodies and diagnose live diseases under the microscope. But human beings hold deeper mysteries beneath the visible surface. Mind, emotions, and idiosyncrasies – those are beyond the scalpel, but not beyond the pen’s might!

I decided to use my profession 2 ways. One, to fund my passion. Two, to stimulate both halves of my brain – the rational and the creative. Yin & Yang again. 

Flexing the muscles of Time: ‘Work expands to fill the time required to complete it.’ As a…

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