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Goodreads is every published Author’s sacred space. Reviews, events, videos – and your Goodreads Author blog all condensed under one roof.

However, tedious formatting is a major hurdle in composing a Goodreads blog post. Get an eyeful of the HTML codes required for italics, bold, paragraph, underline and image!

Goodreads HTML formatting

Are all authors techno-savvy? I’m not.

So, how do you bypass the HTML formatting on Goodreads? How to share posts from WordPress to Goodreads? Here’s my method …

Many authors are bloggers – (just as every blogger is a potential author). However, your Goodreads followers / fans/ friends are not necessarily your WordPress blog followers. Yet, you want them to enjoy selective WordPress posts – especially pertaining to your book anecdotes, writing tips, book launch images etc.

1] Select the WordPress post you wish to share to Goodreads Author blog. (I’m assuming you already have a Goodreads Author profile!)

2] The selected WordPress post may have a combination of words, images and videos. Click ‘Edit post’  on WordPress.     Wordpress blog edit in Visual format

3] WordPress give you 2 options.  Your post can be seen as ‘Visual’ format (as in image above, right upper corner arrow) or ‘HTML’ format (current image,  right hand upper corner arrow).  Select HTML format. Wordpress blog edit in HTML format

4] Select all and click ‘Copy’.


5] Now go to your Goodreads Author profile on Goodreads website.

6] Scroll down to Author blog. Click on ‘Add new post’.

7] In the space which springs up, ‘Paste’ the copied content from WordPress blog post. Click ‘Publish’ .

Goodreads blog post

8] Voila! Your entire post including images, bold, italics, underline, paragraph spacing gets published on your Goodreads blog.

Goodreads Author blog

Simple, isn’t it?

There’s nothing as elusive as the obvious’.

Was this tip helpful? Do you have Goodreads tips to share with fellow authors?