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Ever bestowed a title or name upon your possessions? Ever felt that your non-living possessions have mood swings and emotions?

A house, a car, a laptop gleaming in the showcase are mere objects. Once they belong to you, they get kick started into life. I do believe our possessions inherit vibes from us, just as pets do. They attune themselves to our touch, our habits, our fingers. They cling, they adopt, they mould.

Ever so slowly, memories settle over them like butterflies. The day my car came home blushing like a bride, the day she threw a royal tantrum in the whirlpool of traffic, the day she took her first shower at the service station, the day she valiantly huffed & puffed home before giving up, the day she was witness to my joyous whistling.

In fact, akin to what the horse Chetak meant to Maharana Pratap Singh…

Going even farther back, remember Devdatta and Panchajanya, the celestial conch shells of Arjun-Krishn. Gandiva and Sudarshan – the divine bow and divine discus.

Gandiva bow sudarshan chakra
In Mahabharata era , weapons and conch shells were extremely personified and personalized objects. They were given elaborate names just as we name a child. They remained private, precious and intensely personal possessions. Never did Krishn lust for Gandiva or Arjun for Sudarshanchakra.

Ring out the old, ring in the new.

Jog your memory to those school essays on ‘Autobiography of pen / book/ coin ….’ It always began with spanking new and always ended with Now I’m old and broken and my master has no more use for me… Some did end on a positive note of I’m getting recycled into a brand new …

Recycling is the universal law. Even human bodies are meant for recycle. Samay – Kaalchakra – the circle of Time rolls on like a juggernaut.

iphone mania

Of course, possessions also throw up 2 extreme personalities. There are the infamous hoarders who are loathe to part with tiniest tidbits (Guilty, your honor!) Then there are the ‘first day first show’ fanatics who sleep on pavements since midnight, so long as their paw is the first to grab the ‘latest’ iPhone.  Today’s owned object is tossed aside tomorrow.

Use and throw. Objects, relations, people …

How does one tread the fine tightrope between attachment and detachment?

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