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She noticed the magazine advertisement for Fair & Lovely cream. The usual promise of utopia, of turning a shade –  or hopefully, three shades lighter. Surely women should have the guts to accept their natural tint! she smirked.  

She sensed the parlour attendant hover behind her chair and murmured, “Honey gold highlights, please. And of course, straighten out those darn curls of mine too.”

The parlour attendant rolled her eyes … Surely women should have the guts to accept their natural tint!


The attendant hummed as she hugged a secret to herself. She had reserved this month’s salary for that expensive dentist – the one who specialized in ‘Smile reconstruction’. She desperately wanted to modify her 2 protruding front teeth.

The dentist wriggled her chocolate brown fingers into the glove. Her gaze lingered upon the luminous, rosy complexion of the parlour attendant who reclined beneath her gloved fingers.

‘If only … ‘ whispered the dentist.


Superficial? Shallow? Skin deep?

Guilty! I’m guilty too. In fact, this post formulated itself as I sat waiting to tame those stubborn curls of mine (Click here for my tryst with hair straightening)– as well as a coffee brown shade.

Did you notice how easily we justify & defend our own vanity?

Why are we so judgmental on somebody else’s vanity?