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Seamless fusion of History with Mystery. Sandeep Sharma (author) weaves an intriguing revenge saga spanning over 4000 years.

Storyline– a spate of seemingly unrelated murders start unraveling once they coalesce into a common link. This kickstarts a tale of bitter betrayal and rousing rivalry between 2 warring kings of yore.

The author touches on myth (immortal Shamans), science (DNA replication, electromagnetic radiations) and philosophy (immortality, rebirth) to create an enthralling page turner.

Let The Game Begin by Sandeep Sharma

I liked – Breathless pace of story. Numerous twists around every corner. Unexpected death of a key character. Effective use of flashbacks and flashforwards between 2 timelines. One of the best written prologues in recent times. Amusing undercurrents of competition between CLAW, RAW and police force.

Room for improvement – The rapid series of events did not leave enough time for wholesome character development. Some of the twists towards the climax stretched my credibility.

(***SPOILER ALERT *** If every past character reincarnates, why not Devrat too? If P.M is an intended target, why not finish her with skin poison instead of elaborate electromagnetic waves? Priya hears xyz mentioning her, yet shows no anger, fear, surprise or protest. ***SPOILER ENDS***)

Verdict – A very impressive offering from a promising young author -entrepreneur. He intends to iron out current queries and possible plot holes with a self-explanatory Part 2. Definitely a sequel worth waiting for!

Published by InspireIndia

Price Rs 165/-

Page nos – 166

Genre – Crime Thriller