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A cluster of 10 stories tilting between the real and unreal, with myriad characters in an ever changing multilayered society. The range captures the frailties, moods and impulses of human behavior.

That’s what the gist of the blurb says. I agree in part.

4 stories impressed me, namely Lallan, The Slap, The Nest and Touch. These should’ve been placed at the beginning of the collection to hook the readers, instead of inserting them midways and towards the end.

Lallan & The Nest have a parallel between the human-animal world that explores human psyche well and throws up believable, relatable characters. Slap & Touch have a mellow tone and an unhurried pace as they concentrate on the growing up phase of teens & adults and their complex interactions.

The author has a fine eye for detail and uses it to create an atmosphere for its locations whether it’s a chaotic fish market, a pine strewn forest or a dungy police station. Some have a twist in the tale while others seem to end abruptly. The language is overall assured, clean and refined. {Well, the author does boast of a MA in English Literature. In addition he’s a B. Tech from IIT as well as ex Managing Director , Oxford University Press.}

Cons include somewhat repetitive themes like the parallel trajectories of animals & humans. There is a tendency to be over descriptive , like ‘a pitted faced man with bleary eyes and a two day stubble wearing a deep pink vest and loose trousers sat on a stool behind a large metal trunk.’

Overall, it’s a decent and enjoyable one time read. Some stories do leave a lingering aura, while others could have added another layer to their ending.

Book Page on Amazon: http://tinyurl.com/joy6pu2

Book Page on Goodreads: http://tinyurl.com/jzrm786

Price: Rs 350/-

Pages: 214

Format: Hardbound

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