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Alas! Indie authors have to be master of all trades.

Penning a damn good story is the mere tip of the iceberg. You wrote it in MS Word – and now want it reproduced into a gorgeous pdf for a gorgeous paperback, right? But what if the pdf looks weirdly crowded and untidy as compared to your elegant MS Word?

Well, you can either create a pdf & then play around with it (If there does exist such a software, I’m blissfully unaware of it)  OR (more easily) convert the Word doc into pdf, which is what I did for my ‘Rage of the Maggots’. cover for isbn

Here’s how the stunningly simple procedure goes –

1] First format your text in MS Word as per your desired trim size. I have an unexplained, irrational, insistent love for 8.5 x 5.5 inch size. So, select Layout … Click on Size … Select from the wide range of size menu .

word format

2] Next, click on File … Select ‘Save as’ from dropdown menu

file save as

3] Select option ‘Save as pdf’, then click on ‘More options’

save as pdf1

4] You’ll see 2 options – Standard i.e for publishing online and printing AND Minimum size.

pdf full size

Choosing the latter will condense the Word file. Result? Your lovingly formatted Word file will now condensed and short by at least 5 pages.

If you want it to look EXACTLY as your Word file, choose option ‘Standard – publishing and printing’.

5] Click ‘Save’. Done! Drool over your picture perfect pdf!

Go ahead. Experiment. Your paperback is now fully in your control.