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In Pretty Woman, he simplifies his complex job by saying ‘I buy big companies, then break them into smaller companies and sell them” She asks, “And that’s all it takes to make you a millionaire??” (or somewhere along these lines)

Jason simplifies his life as a voracious appetite for diving into troubled waters (read businesses or startups) and getting a kick out of smoothening the choppy waves. He makes it sound simple , magical and ‘Heck, I can do it too’
A smart alec kid who bargains his way to owning a chess set then goes on to becoming CEO of Valiant Entertainment, Housing.com, FreeCharge, and Snapdeal. Enroute he dabbles in Jainism, tragic romance with and Muay Thai kickboxing… who would’ve ever thought the twain would meet?

Despite the technical terms and IBM slogans, Jason manages to simplify a lot of the terrifying world of takeovers, layoffs, strategies and mergers. infact, he actually achieves the rare feat of transforming his business decisions, tactical moves and power games into a racy read.

What I connected with – 1] His fascination with comic books and his first successful bid and takeover venture via this passion 2] His foray into spiritualism of Jainism and his real time applications (it showed in the way he handled the layoffs with ruthless yet gentle hands) 3] His willingness to push his body beyond endurance. He stresses its all in the mind, as he goes from 1000 pushups to rigorous kick boxing.

What I was surprised by – 1] That Chinese business Moghuls actually disclosed their business model secrets to him!  thought it would be  a cut throat world of ruthless, mean men. 2] His close knit team who seem as passionate and driven as him. And the fact that most are so humble despite being high flying.

Score: 4/5

Title: Irrationally Passionate

Author: Jason Kothari

Publisher: Harper

Category: Business / Autobiography/ Non Fiction/ Memoir

Price: Rs 599 (Hmm… Now what I found irrational is why Jason chose a hard bound cover? I’m sure it drove the price way beyond its 229 page capacity)

Pages: 229

Cover pic: Rohit Chawla (Mr Chawla will be my portfolio choice. He makes Jason resemble Arjun Rampal on the cover!

P.S- The cover also has a rapturous review by Karan Johar. Is it the cover pic that tantalized him? Do we expect a true-life film soon on Mr Kothari? I can envision Tiger Shroff in the titular role, given the background of all that kick boxing)