I agree 100% Heal the Healers

The Vagabond

Somewhere in the middle of a busy emergency or an Intensive care unit, a voice sounds “Code Blue.. Floor No..” Doctors and nurses rush leaving whatever they are doing to aide those who are already handling the crisis. These would be the moments of adrenaline rush in any medics life. I started in the field of medicine back in the late 90s when the corporate culture had not set in. There were no mobile phones with 5G access. Even the internet cafes came in by the time, I was already knee deep into the course. Those were the days of satisfaction where snail mail was the rule of the day. Letters used to be handwritten and people would still write greeting cards.

Flash forward to the explosion of internet and gone are the days of wait and satisfaction. Now are the times when google and youtube has made everyone a…

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