Eagle’s eye view of my blog

Warm welcome to my Virtual World!

I} Glimpse into Me:

Am an Avid book lover; Wistful author; Insane about soulful music, Pencil-sketcher, love Swimming, Yoga enthusiast, Student of Spanish language. Curious about the Mystic & Mystique. Content to be cocooned in a dream world.

II} My blogposts section includes Categories:

a] Book Reviews: https://sweetyshinde.wordpress.com/category/constructive-criticism-book-reviews/

b] Spirituality: https://sweetyshinde.wordpress.com/category/spirituality/

c] World of Books & I: https://sweetyshinde.wordpress.com/category/world-of-books-i/

d] Random Musings: https://sweetyshinde.wordpress.com/category/random-musings/

e] My cars- my chariots: https://sweetyshinde.wordpress.com/category/my-cars-my-chariots/

f] Blog Eureka moments: https://sweetyshinde.wordpress.com/category/blog-eureka-moments/

III} Arjun:without a doubt 

My debut novel (tentatively scheduled for) Nov-Dec 2014. The exhilarating life-saga of Arjun, the greatest (and most misunderstood) warrior of the Indian epic Mahabharata.

IV} My pencil sketches: https://sweetyshinde.wordpress.com/category/my-pencil-sketches/

V} Contact me:

Email: sweetyshinde@hotmail.com

My Facebook link is: https://www.facebook.com/drsweety.shinde

my Twitter link : https://twitter.com/drshindes

My Goodreads link: https://www.goodreads.com/DrShindeSweety

In case you are curious, this is how I look at my best! : blog avataar

I would love to know your opinions! Do post your comments! Enjoy your stay here.


10 thoughts on “Eagle’s eye view of my blog”

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  3. Hello ,
    Glad to meet you, I would love to know about your dreams 🙂
    May Allah bless you , ameen

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Ditto here, Afsheen. So glad blogs allow us to meet so many fascinating people with one click!
    I have a colleague called Afshan. What are the meanings of these names?


  5. Do you reside in India?


  6. My Dear Sweety, You have written ‘Impractical dreamer’ almost as the first words in Your blog. But! Anybody who can become a Doctor, keep publishing a Blog, etc, cannot be that! Love and Regards.


    • Thank you! However, I did not mean ‘impractical’ as self-derogatory. Just that I seem to function both at a conscious level and yet continue to day-dream at a sub-conscious level.
      Infact, I believe day-dreaming helps consolidate my thinking process.


  7. That is a nice suggestion. I don’t know if I can edit the title , since my all my earlier articles would be in that name.
    but yes, maybe I can make Dreamer more prominent. Thank you for the thought behind the suggestion.


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