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Your 200th blog post got 96 likes and 77 comments in 48 hours flat! You have 2126 followers and a smug smile.

Now Rewind. 4th blog post, 2 followers, 1 like, no comment.

Those precious, heartfelt penned emotions. Raw. Voluble. Ignored. 

Lost in the virtual flood of bloggers. nostalgia post

So? Don’t mourn its death. Rejuvenate it! Why & How…Read on. 


1. It is your baby. You own all copyright.

2. You had poured out your heart into it, right? Give it another chance.

3. Your followers get a peek into your  ‘Eek’ or ‘Wow’ past … I mean , post.

4. Self evaluate.  ‘I suffered from word-diarrhoea’; ‘Good idea, bad execution.’; ‘I was misquoted.’

5. Good, handy substitute posts for those niggling ‘writer’s block’ days.


1. Scroll through ‘Archives’. 

2. Click on one that tugs at your heart. Yes, ‘that’ one. Such a masterpiece! What a revolutionary thought! I am Shakespeare!

Yet, it faded into oblivion without a whimper. So pull it out of its dungeon.

3. Loved the sentiments, but embarrassed by the amateur writing? Just ‘Edit’ it using ‘Editor.’ You do know that you are allowed to edit, re-edit and re-re-edit your post as many times as you like?

Get those shears. Hack away, prune away. 

4. Word count – How many of you read the entire John Galt speech in ‘Atlas Shrugged’?            I did NOT. 

Yes, everybody’s favorite sound is their own voice. Everybody’s favorite word is ‘I’.

But 900 words? Seriously, cut it down to size. I confess I get blurry eyed after reading 400 wordsword count

Psst: Somebody even managed to publish ‘zero’ word count. The book- What Men know about Women. I am sure you can do better with lesser.

5. Spice it up with an  image. A visual always catches eyeballs. 1507912_701137753241053_2136678880_n

6. Insert a Link from November 2002 post to August 2014 post. Relax, you are not cheating. You own the copyright, remember? link

7. You are NOT Howard Roark, the unalterable perfection. You are allowed to change, mould and revise opinions. Maturity does bring fresh perspective.

So write a whole new piece about an old topic. Gauge your evolution.  Have you become less cynical/ humbler/ wilder/ angrier/ apathetic about the topic? If so, Why? 

I have reached 365 words, so I’ll pause here.

Share your thoughts. Which is your best written-least viewed post? Did you let it die a martyr? Or did you kickstart it back to life? And HOW?