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History forgot his voice, but misquoted his silence. 
Genre: Indian Mythology/ Mahabharata/ History
Premise: 5000 years ago, Arjun the superlative warrior paused on the eve of Kurukshetra battle. His poignant question, “How many should die for the sins of a handful?” churned with charioteer Krishn’s, “How many times the sinful should be forgiven for the lives of countless?” to create the Bhagavad Gita.
Arjun, the idealist in a non-ideal world. He held the power to unleash devastation – and the compassion not to misuse it. He was idolized for defeating demiGods & demons – and ridiculed for not being ruthless. He was Heaven’s heir – and endured exile after exile. His love Draupadi – had to become the wife of his four brothers. He was the peerless archer, the seductive monk, the epitome of masculinity, the danseur eunuch, exemplary student and eternal seeker of knowledge – all in one roller coaster Life.
Come, join Arjun’s turbulent journey. Unravel his emotions, passions and angst.
Find ‘other’ famous Arjuns, compare Arjun vis-a-vis Achilles & Alexander and explore Myths of Mahabharata.
Discover Arjun beyond the warrior extraordinaire.
Note: Draupadi’s narration in the book is marked with *** symbol. Arjun’s narration is without any symbol.
Youtube Trailer: https://youtu.be/ToTEldixJDA

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