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#India & #Pakistan were born of a common land. Whereas India zoomed into intellectual, monetary, industrial and literary progress, Pakistan stayed stagnant in hatred, envy and terrorist networks.

Pandavas made a meteoric leap from arid, barren Khandav to a blindingly prosperous #Indraprastha, while Kauravas stagnated in crippling envy, hatred and murder plots.


Pakistan gets million dollar gifts from #USA to fund & fuel further terrorism, while self reliant India builds wealth and fights terrorism alone.

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Hastinapur had 100 princes. #Hastinapur had the readymade wisdom of Vidur, the military force of Drona-Ashwatthama and administration experience of Bhishm. Yet it was unable to expand its horizons, to perform Rajsuya yagna or amass wealth.

Indraprastha had just 5 princes. It had relatively less administrative experience. Yet they relied on their own counsel, they built an army literally from scratch, from zero. It was they who rose to martial supremacy, created alliances and triumphed in all directions to perform Rajsuya.


Pakistan is aware of surefire defeat via direct war, whether it is 1965 or Kargil. Hence it resorts to underhanded techniques – planting handlers, encouraging training camps, sowing dissent and sending cross border terrorists.

Duryodhan & co. knew they couldn’t face Pandava might in direct battle, so they resorted to poisoning, arson and torching alive unsuspecting cousins. When all attempts failed, they split the land , deliberately keeping the Kingdom  capital for themselves and throwing a forestland to the Pandavas.

When even this could not stop Pandava juggernaut, the Kauravas resorted to dirty games of dice.


Pakistan gets funds and ample support from China and USA, yet remains unsated. The very existence of India is their threat, their heartburn, the acid corroding their core.

Inspite of usurping Pandava Kingdom, Kauravas found no peace. Land was not their only intent. Greed was not their only vice.

Hastinapur was threatened by the very existence of Pandavas. While Pandavas were calm & composed in exile, it is the Kauravas who spent sleepless nights. Cowardly plans continued including a surprise attack during Ghoshyatra and an idea to incite Durvasa’s curse.



India tries every sane effort to maintain peace, to extend the olive branch repeatedly and to give Pak 2nd, 3rd, 4th…umpteen chances to improve. Yet India faces repeated betrayals, cross border attacks and breaches of political treaties.

Pandavas forgave the attempts at poisoning, lakshyagriha fire and the unfair division of land. They sent Krishn as the final messenger of peace, inspite of the horrendous insult at dyut sabha.


Every opportunity has been given, every last attempt made. #Krishn may as well say – There is a limit to the exploitation of goodness and patience.

Has India reached its limit?

Or is there more space for peace attempts?

Does this dilemma  have an easy decision?