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What a lovely Life it would be; If…

We remained as sinless as on the first day of life

We remained as fresh as after the first bath of the day

We cared to remain as interesting and impressive as on the first date first meeting

We remained as enthusiastic as on the first day of work first job

We remained as enamored as on the first discovery of love

We cherished a gift as much as when we first unwrapped it

we felt as gratified as on beholding the first pay slip

We never got accustomed to the magic of sunrises and sunsets

The whole rainy season smelt as divine as first rains

We valued Independence as much as when our country won it

We discovered acquaintances with as little prejudice as when we first met

We bid goodbye to friends and family as if it is the last time last goodbye

As James Dean said,

james dean quote

Shoot off your opinion. If practice makes perfect; then why does repetition take away joy? Why should familiarity breed contempt? Why should companionship produce boredom?