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Part I discussed the horror of social outcasts. Click here for Part I.

Given the deep psychological  and physical impact of social ostracism, can it be used as a weapon?

Think of criminals who wiggle out of Law’s grasp – slimy politicians, rich businessmen’s spoilt kids, sleazy Godmen and murderous filmstars. law

For them ‘Absence of evidence is Evidence of absence.’ And we all know where, how, when evidence evaporates, don’t we?

They smugly taunt us from their ivory towers, assured of their uninterrupted  social invitations, guaranteed that wife/parents/followers/fans will ‘stand by them through thick and thin’.

I wonder how many producers would ‘Stand by them’ if the on-trial filmstar was a flop actor unable to rake in the moolah? Too obviously, the ‘support’ stems from the mind-boggling ‘crores’ of financial benefits – rather than moral reasons.

The martyred wife ‘stands by her victimized husband’, even if every evidence screams his crime, even when she is fully convinced of his ugly side. Reason?– family, children, social status, financial dependence.

The Party supports its ‘candidate’, even if his crime tally mounds up. Needless to say, the support exists only till both sides ‘need each other’.

Aam-Janta, the Common Man as judge.

So why don’t we use this very deadly ‘social ostracism’ weapon against the above? Hit them where it hurts!

Imagine a political party shunned by voters until it decides to sack the tainted one. (Yes, I know. Most entire parties deserve to be outcast). How long will a party support the ‘rotten apple’ if it sees public support turn away? Take away their prestige, power and votes!

Branded companies who sold adulterated milk, who mixed harmful chemicals in baby talcum powder, who willfully gave you outdated stuff – how long will they survive if we turn our backs on them? When their share market crashes, when profits plummet, when products lie unused in warehouses – Voila!

The overhyped filmstar drunk on the echoes of whistles, cash counters and flashbulbs. What if his screen antics get no eyeballs, no critic bothers with a review, no photographer zooms in, no magazine details his latest affair and quote?

It will make for a very unhappy producer and a grumpy team. Guess which ‘beloved’ will soon be out of projects for ‘unknown reasons’?

The rapist/ molester whose entire family throws tantrums outside courtrooms and threaten suicide if he is hanged. Family members who shield their son’s crimes as ‘family prestige ka sawaal hai.’ Why not just shun them out until they acknowledge the crime and its punishment?

Yes, I know. Primitive. Brutal. Insensitive. Undemocratic. Inhuman.

Also Effective. Quick. Essential.

For too long have the victims suffered for the criminals.

For too long have victims got empty sympathy & evasive shoulders; while the criminals got ‘human rights and rehabilitation.’

I genuinely believe society holds a potent and devastating weapon. A missile which is currently being used against ‘soft’ targets- the impoverished, the minority, the eloping lovers, the reformists and the whistle blowers .


Society has seen the reach and aura of that weapon – but not yet recognized its correct targets. The missile is loaded and waiting. The time bomb is ticking. Now if only We, the people agreed whom to launch it upon!

Do you think social ostracism is a weapon in right hands (and in right minds)?

Have you ever faced social ostracism?

Part I discussed the horror of social outcasts. Click here for Part I.